Rei Aoki
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Rei Aoki

  • Aliases: 青木玲
  • Birth Date: Jul 11, 1984
  • Breast Size: Medium
  • Birth Location: Japan
  • Height: 160
  • Measurements: 86D-58-86
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Tattoos: No
  • Piercing: No

As a fan of JAV you may have noticed that hardly a week goes by when there isn't a dozen new girls who have entered the scene. A lot of these new cuties do a few movies, and then disappear. It is a world with a lot of princesses, but very few queens. Let us introduce you to one of the queens of Japanese AV, Rei Aoki. Don't let the title queen throw you off. Rei is no old bag, she is simply one of the most beautiful and consistent deliverers of incredibly sexy and professionally made titles. Believe it or not, our collection of approximately 50 Rei Aoki titles is still only a fraction of her work, and by your request, more titles from this still young and active starlet are on the way. Rei is consistent, but not repetitive, and it is great to have an idol this hot who will do more than try anything once, but try it until she gets it down perfect. Many of Rei Aoki's titles are our favorites, and your favorites. Take a few minutes to find a few that are perfect for you. 'Star Box 49' is a great place to start with Rei Aoki movies. This is a fellatio/cos-play/glasses lovers trifecta, and Rei does more than dress up. She really plays the parts of student, teacher and dominatrix, among others. We need to mention 'Camel Toe Fetish 2' partially because it is an often over-looked fetish, and also because it is a great title, whether you are into camel-toe or not (and who isn't?). 'The Woman Who Tells A Lie' is a complete first-person POV title similar to the 'For Your Best Masturbation' series. Rei is amazing in this movie, and even if you can't understand what she is saying, you can understand what she is saying. She stares straight into the camera the entire time to deliver a really special performance.

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