Kaho Kasumi
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Kaho Kasumi

  • Aliases: かすみ果穂
  • Birth Date: Oct 14, 1985
  • Breast Size: Medium
  • Birth Location: Japan
  • Height: 153
  • Measurements: 86D-58-81
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Tattoos: No
  • Piercing: No

How many of our girls can say they have a PSP game dedicated to them? Unfortunately you can't play her hand-held game here, but we do have some 'hands-free' access to Kaho Kasumi we think you are going to enjoy. Kaho Kasumi is an all-around girl with every feature in the plus column. Gorgeous face? Check! Beautiful body? Check! Active and fun in bed? Check! Always keeping her titles fresh and original? Check! You are going to like what Kaho has to offer, and if one title isn't quite your thing, then check another. Unlike some idols, she won't do the same title twice. Now Kaho is appearing on national variety shows and nighttime dramas. Check out where this cutie got her honey in our growing library. There are two scenes a lot of girls avoid. One is outdoor (natural light) scenes, and the other is dark night vision scenes. Both can show off imperfections in a girl's body, but if you don't have any imperfections, you have nothing to worry about. Both are showcased in the bone-fest 'Three Days and Two Nights of Anytime Sex'. The title says it all, and this is a nympho-lover paradise. 'Super High Class Soap Lady' might sound like an oxymoron, but not the way Kaho Kasumi lays it out. This pretty woman takes soap-play to a whole new level. This sudsy princess winds up with a variety of pearl necklaces before the credits roll. The Double Cast series is one of our favorites, and Kaho Kasumi is joined by Tsugumi Nagasawa (how's that for a 'mouthful'?) in one of the most fun and playful lesbian and three-way movies out there. The fact they both are amazingly hot doesn't hurt, but both girls in every scene, and each scene is a unique featurette. Despite the fantasy nature of individual scenes, the Double Cast series is pretty loose and honest, and it is fun watching these relaxed pros enjoy each other (and some fun toys) and the occasional boner that enters the set.

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