DareDorm Episode: Crossing lips

When u are bored at a college in the midwest with no thing to do, whats more excellent than rallying jointly a crew of beauties to acquire wasted and play hot card games. Not much, and favourable for u, thats exactly what happens in this Dare Dorm submission. A small in number students discover themselves drinking in the dorms, as ordinary, willing to let loose and make the night greater quantity interesting. Fortunate for 'em, several college girls from down the hall come over to play a card game where players win by coming up with the dirtiest answers to amoral questions. As the questions acquire raunchier, the act outside the game begins to heat up likewise. angel on hotty fucking, messy threesomes, everything and anything. Those kids are absolutely naughty, and Im pleased to have watched their handiwork. 5 stars, and 10k.

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