DareDorm Episode: College sandwich

Pre gaming previous to partying is usually just a cheap way to prepare for a lengthy night ahead, but those kids at Penn take it to the next level. At 1st the chaps and gals at State hang out in the dorms, throwing back drinks and sluggishly getting looser as the time goes by. Rencounter and greeting and whatnot. Then a Russian swap student named Yan receives introduced to the American way of partying, and that guy shows the locals a thing or 2 on how things receive done overseas. By this time all kinds of debauchery has broken loose.Im talking gals stripping down and engulfing the living daylights out of lads. Some quiet angel next door to all the act is trying to study, but what do u know...that babe ends up getting pulled into it! Its a total orgy. What was supposed to be a slow way to start a night ended up being wilder than everything that wouldve happened out on the city. This tape is a classic college experience that u dont crave to miss out on.

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