DareDorm Episode: Pledge fuck

Apparently college students now a days will do everything to join a Sorority. Thats the case for those 3 lascivious cuties that want to join the sorority so bad, they are ready to do everything they tell 'em to do. This can go the bad way, or the indeed fine way. Fortunately for us it didnt just go the indeed valuable way, it went the actually nasty, hot way. Those future sorority sister were ready to acquire totally bare, give lapdances, kiss every other, give head, receive eaten out, receive drilled, and whatsoever else they can think so. An initiation party became a college fuckfest in no time. I dont think, by the end of it all, any of the gals knew if they got in to the sorority or not. Im adorable sure they didnt care anyways.

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