Quasimodo 2000

No, Paul Norman has not added Edmund Rostand or Victor Hugo to his stable of writers, though you might think so. Norman's Hunchback of Notre Dame is a heartwarming, contemporary and slightly on-the-edge rendition of Hugo's immortal beauty and the stranger classic. In absolutely phenomenal makeup, Buck Adams plays a physically deformed, but spiritually beautiful janitor named Victor who quotes Victor Hugo at the wink of a drooping eye. You usually wind up in the physical state Buck is in when your girl is your mum, so good, let this be a lesson. Do not intermarry. Anyway, Buck, who is fantastic in this show, works in a strip club where the girls taunt and make fun of him. They probably saw Cockateer. The only way Victor can get laid is by blindfolding hookers like K.C. Williams. It's a strange scene, but K.C. should definitely lose the ankle boots from now on.

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