Charmed Forces

Charmed fucks is a lively little comedy romp carried more by the charm of Krista Lane than by the adorable looking Nikki Charm. Director Ron Jeremy has chosen a nubile group of nymphets to grace this farce of an interview show. Lane plays the curious and open minded T. V. interviewer who is so true to her vocation as a reporter that she uses first hand information to get the facts on sexstylesin America. Scott Irish and Lisa Melendez show her the joys of a threesome with lots of 'who's on top' action. Charm and Gail fuck do a two-girl scene for our reporter and sound engineer which 'fuck' James into a sex day off, with Charm to cure what ails him. Lane watches the action and sees the obvious merits of her sound engineer's equipment. As they get into it, a guy wanders in looking for the Johnny Carson show but stays to be part of the spicy threeway that follows. So it goes with lots of tongue-in-cheek and tongue-in-mouth lines and action. Jeremy's direction is fast-paced. Lane has a great body and a quick mouth ... she ad-libs well. The guys are not the best bodies in the business but they are all well-endowed and like their work. Scott Irish and fuck do a pretty hot scene together. All in all, this is a decently indecent video of lust and laughter- good fun.

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