Tarz & Jane, Cheeta & Boy

The King of the Jungle has more than his share of troubles in this sexy parody. Tarz, who lives in a tree house with significant other Jane and their fully grown offspring, Boy, hasn’t been especially happy lately, especially after Cheetah the Obnoxious Ape beats him in a wrestling match. Things hit a low point for Tarz after he has his manhood bitten off while battling an alligator, much to the consternation of both Tarz and Jane, the latter of whom is soon looking to both Boy and Cheetah for sexual satisfaction. Tarz searches out the fabled Wango-Wango tribe in hopes of growing back his member, and en route he and Jane encounter Wanda, a veddy British explorer who is traveling with her flamboyantly son. Wanda is played by adult film icon Georgina Spelvin in a rare comic role, while most of the cast and crew use obvious pseudonyms.

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