DareDorm Episode: Ice ice ladies

When I think of pajama parties, I remember all the wild high school parties I went to, clothed in silk Hugh Hefner robes, getting a boner each time a cute gal in a negligee passed me. Admirable times. Well, that was stupid enjoyment n games compared to the pajama party thrown by those freaks from this college. It all begins in true college fashion. hardcore pre gaming in the dorms, with an ice luge, in advance of going to an endless rager. Ridiculous. And when they hit the PJ party, oh chap...greater quantity booze, greater quantity partying and a metric ton of hawt sweethearts in hot nightwear that leaves little to the imagination. And favourable for everybody there, everything u could ever imagine is going down in front of your face. This is one of these parties that doesnt stop until each fucking body has been drilled. And whats the merely thing more excellent than getting yours at a sexed up pajama party. Getting Ten Ks to split afterwards. Congrats, kids.

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